The 2-acre Whitney House at 26 Woods Road, repped by Richard Ellis of Ellis Sothebys International Realty and asking $1.89 million, is a four-bedroom mid-century that dates back to the 1950s. Back in Hudson for the evening, Bjrks horned husband, Matthew Barney, is expected to slip into a former glue factory near the river to deejay the second annual Pitchfork music festival held at Basilica Hudson. The historic area is small, just a few blocks radius, so even though there is a lot to see and shop, you dont have to do a lot of walking, but there is a shoe store, just in case. Celebrities Born In Rhinebeck, New York 1 Emma Roberts, 32 TV Actress 2 Joe Mazzello, 39 Movie Actor 3 Rufus Wainwright, 49 Opera Singer 4 Anna Dorfman, 47 Blogger 5 Micaela Wittman, 23 TV Actress 6 Camcardii, 25 Pop Singer 7 Alyssa Mastromonaco, 47 Business Executive More Cities in New York The public schools in Irvington are highly rated. Ed Bastian, who runs Delta Airlines, attended St. Mary's School andgraduated from Our Lady of Lourdes High School. The elegant man quietly lunching alone who looks like David Bowie actually is the reclusive rock god. Thanks for contacting us. per night. Below are six businesses in the Hudson Valley region of New York that are owned by major celebrities. For others, Snedens Landing has bountiful views plus the celebrity cachet minus the pretense. In Rhinebeck there are a lot of . Of course, for all the blas poses, the Hudson Community Board on Facebook is immediately filled with both gushing reports and snarky dismissals whenever the likes of Daniel Craig or Naomi Watts are spotted shopping on Warren Street. Longtime residents Carol Baxter and Loren Plotkin love their homes quiet beauty but warn that the pace of life is extremely slow. Having no direct train to the city means most people who live in Snedens need to take the bus if they dont drive, says Noemi Morales Barile of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, nephew ofFrederick Vanderbilt, who owned the family's mansion in Hyde Park, booked passage on the Titanic's tragic voyage, but did not make the trip. The enclave, she says, has never lost its sense of community. It was the childhood home of Chevy Chase, who visited throughout his Saturday Night Live years. As the trespasser nears the window, she realizes it is Alicia Keys. Paul Rudd on Ant-Man And The Wasp and the time he drank Chris O'Dowd under the table,'s Rory Cashin talks to Paul Rudd about his role in Marvel and Disney's latest blockbuster Ant-Man And The Wasp, as well as his travels to Ireland and building his own Irish pub. We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience. Rhinebeck Farmers Market. Powered by. In nearby Germantown, Chloe Sevigny dons couture short shorts for a kombucha run to Ottos, a once-floundering market successfully made over by a former Whole Foods executive. Subscribe for full access to The Hollywood Reporter. In recent years, this part of Ulster County has become a powerful magnet for writers, producers, directors and all manner of famous faces looking to drop off the radar. 845. The median sales price was $175,000 (October to December 2012), up 40 percent compared with a year earlier, according to Trulia. All this took place from Dec 1958 to Feb 1987. But did you know that theres a sleepy little town in a part of Eastern Dutchess County that has been home to many stars? Richard Gere, Bea Arthur, Michael Douglas, Chevy Chase, Ralph Lauren, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Martha Stewart, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rob Thomas, and Felicity Huffman have all called Bedford their home. Less than an hours drive from Manhattan, stars ranging from Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke to Bill Murray and Mikhail Baryshnikov have called Snedens Landing home at one time or another, giving it the nickname Hollywood on the Hudson.. Residents have included Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Orson Welles, Angelina Jolie, Bjork, Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols, Toni Morrison, Harvey Keitel, Trey Anastasio and many others. None of that was phony, I was elated, said Rudd. For all the news that the Hudson Valley is sharing make sure to follow Hudson Valley Post on Facebook, download the Hudson Valley Post Mobile App and sign up for the Hudson Valley Post Newsletter. One of three chocolate shops in the Rhinebeck Historic District, Samuels beckons to candy lovers, both young and old, cookie lovers and choosy coffee drinkers. Such sightings administer a charge to the once-sleepy life of this largely agricultural region, but theyre also the source of some ambivalence, only some of it studied. In 2014, the sudden death of friend Ira Gutner left a local candy store on the brink of shutting down, so he and fellow actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan purchased Samuels Sweet Shop. Some you may recognizeand others may completely surprise you. Here is what we know about his house. Betsy Jacaruso Studio & Gallery. In several cases they don't just live here. Biel and Timberlake listed their SOHO penthouse for nearly $8 million this spring to favor much larger digs in Tribeca's swanky converted factory building. And the interlopers seem, with exceptions, to be looking for a more anonymous getaway spot than, say, Water Mill. (O.K., fine., A post shared by Parks And Recreation (@nbcparksandrec) on Apr 28, 2020 at 5:45pm PDT. Compared with Marthas Vineyard and the Hamptons, residential real estate prices arent sky-high, though theres not a lot of turnover. 5. Snedens Landing has one bus line that goes into the city. July 30, 2010 -- Didn't score a . You get close and its like zoom, theyre gone! You can find them here.) The biggest lures, brokers say, are the town's natural beauty and seclusion. Its a combination of two things, says Coldwell Banker Realtor Eric Bean, who has squired his share of actors to house viewings. The town of Rhinebeck, New York is technically part of the Hudson Valley, which has been featured in NY real estate news a lot lately. Vic Arnell Comedian. That's why the iconic news anchor has a vacation home in upstate New. Overall, rural residents aim to play it cool. His other notable work includes the action film Van Helsing (2004), romantic comedy Kate & Leopold (2001), the thriller Prisoners (2013), and the film version of Les Misrables (2012). It measures 8,000 square feet and features a whopping 11 fireplaces and a sun porch. Save. In 1994, a man named Ira Gutner opened Samuel's of Rhinebeck and operated the candy shop for 20 years before suddenly passing away in 2014. Several stars have opened up businesses in the Hudson Valley. I mean, its Woodstock, you know? Like. 36-61368. Hunt revealed her . Actor Frank Langella, a Tony Award winner and Oscar nominee, is a Millerton resident. You might think the town would be some kind of snobby location with all the well-known names around, Ellis says. He boarded the Titanic to return to America after hearing of the death of some of his horses during a fire on his property. The oldest estate property in Snedens Landing, now on the market for the first time in almost 40 years and also with Ellis is asking $4.8 million. They're open daily 9-9 and it's all about good food! Rhinecliff is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) located along the Hudson River in the town of Rhinebeck in northern Dutchess County, New York, United States. 10. Mansion, Lists for $25 Million, The Secret World of Star-on-Star Real Estate Sales, Downtown Manhattan Real Estate Outprices Uptown Market, Coachella: How to Rent Famous Homes from Sinatra, Cher and Tony Curtis, Got $35,000? The Showtime cable-television series Ray Donovan is filmed in Nyack so Lieb Schreiber sightings are not uncommon. Our area has even been dubbed "Hollywood on the Hudson" because of all the great shows and movies being filmed here recently. Share. The 85-year-old retired educator first moved to the neighborhood with her family in 1941 when she was just 10 years old. The town sits along the Hudson River about five miles north of Snedens Landing; the house for sale measures 1,680 square feet and boasts river views. The film industry in the Hudson Valley "is booming." Sandy Baron Comedienne. On his way upstreet, the writer might pass Parker Posey and her poodle, positioned where everyone is sure to pretend not to notice, at her usual sidewalk table at Le Gamin Country or bump into the raven-haired Marina Abramovic, clutching a bag of toiletries as she exits the CVS Pharmacy near the pile of bricks she intends to convert, with the help of Rem Koolhaas, into a museum of long-durational performance art. The actor has a home in the northern part of Dutchess County and co-owns a candy shop with "Ant-Man" star Paul Rudd in Rhinebeck, N.Y. Other recent celebrity sightings in Upstate N.Y. include James Franco in Albany, Will Smith and his son Jaden in Glens Falls and Kate Hudson in Niagara Falls. I enjoyed the freedom it gave me, and I met a lot more people than I might have otherwise. Finally it is becoming hot; the demand this year is overwhelming. In this column and occasionally in the future, well offer some examples. But I havent caught any yet. What to do: Park your car at the public lot on Market Street, stroll around the tree-lined streets, relax on a bench. The town is Millbrook, and not only have there been many stars living in and around the Millbrook area but many were also known to walk around the village, shop in the stores, and interact with many other Millbrook residents. The 2.8-square-mile village of Irvington is one of six villages in the riverside town of Greenburgh. Crime, quality of schools, things to do, and cost of living were among the factors used in determining the rankings. July 28, 2010, 7:36 AM. All of the actors received their own welcome basket with items donated by Orange County businesses. What has brought such an influx to the quiet, somewhat rural community? The Most Famous Person Born in Rhinebeck, New York is Rufus Wainwright. The biggest lures, brokers say, are the towns natural beauty and seclusion. There still is no dress code, avers Mr. Gardner, who featured the landscape architecture of Hudson River School painter Frederic Churchs Olana estate in one of his recent columns. Musician David Bowie, who died recently, had a house in Woodstock. More info: You can order sweets online or by phone from: Samuels Sweet Shop, 845-876-5312,, Krauses Chocolates, 845-876-3909,, Oliver Kita, 845-876-2665, A Poughkeepsie man has been charged for allegedly driving drunk and crashing his car into a popular ice cream stand in Newburgh. The whole point of the area is that its not cool, contends realtor James Male, who arrived here in 1984. Population 7,623 View Nearby Homes New York Dutchess County Real Estate Median Home Value $394,600 National $244,900 Median Rent $1,430 National $1,163 Area Feel Sparse Suburban Rent vs. Own Rent 32% Own 68% The Parks and Rec reunion gave viewers a peek at their house. They co-own Samuels Sweet Shop with Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd and his wife Julie, who also live in Rhinebeck. Liam Neeson: The Taken franchise actor has a house in the Millbrook area. The Small Westchester Town That Draws Hollywood A-Listers and Billionaires Bedford, N.Y., has attracted residents like Glenn Close, Bruce Willis and George Soros, helping make it one of the. Bread Alone - iconic bakery chain local to the Hudson Valley area. You wont be surrounded by Wall Streeters like in the Hamptons.. Nestled among the steep cliffs of the Palisades in Rockland County, Snedens Landing is easy to miss. I think thats why its remained popular.. . Bread Alone is a must for a baguette and other baked delights you can take home. James Cagney, the famed actor, lived in Stanfordville. Its a prized possession. We would show films on a Friday afternoon and get 50 people if we were lucky. James Earl Jones: The low-key actor responsible for some of the most memorable on-screen performances lives in Pawling. She shoots portraits of Hollywood stars for magazines like Vanity Fair and big companies like Disney and American Express. PHOTOS:Palm Springs Sleepover: Where to Stay and What to Wear for Coachella. Angelina Jolie (inset) livedin Snedens Landing. Asix-bedroom home owned by the late journalist Mike Wallace, a resident for decades, recently sold for $3.5 million. Thus over at Earth Foods, a family-operated crunchy-granola caf, no one goes over to comfort Claire Danes as she cries, unaccountably, into her so-called lunch. Morgan and his family also live in the Rhinebeck area. That looks just like Alicia Keys, she thinks to herself, unpacking the weeks supply of chutneys and cheeses. Designer Timothy Macdonald created a comfortable, complete house for the late actress Mary Tyler Moore and her husband in upstate New York. The idea is that Paul McCartney has to be given his space like anyone else. 00:55. Many families and young professionals live in Hudson and residents tend to have moderate political views. He passed away a few years ago and Paul and I had been friends for a while and we just didnt want [the store] to turn into a smoothie stand or something. On the Taconic Parkway, Taste NY Farm Store at the Todd Hill rest area just south of Route 55 for anything you might have missed in Rhinebeck. The Millbrook area has long been popular with famous folks, but more and more are discovering the Woodstock and Kingston area as well.
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